Left Handed Rickenbacker Guitars

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About Left Handed Rickenbacker Guitars

Left handed Rickenbacker guitars are something that we regularly stock at guitarguitar. We buy as many, as often as we can in order to give our left handed customers the choice and respect they deserve. Rickenbacker are an iconic and significant brand and lefties should be able to enjoy them too!

All Rickenbacker guitars are made in relatively small batches so please keep an eye on our site for fresh deliveries or talk to staff members in any of our UK based guitarguitar stores for up-to-the-minute details on left handed Rickenbacker guitars.

Frequently Asked Questions about Left Handed Rickenbacker Guitars

Question: Which guitarguitar stores keep stock of left handed Rickenbacker guitars?
All of our stores keep stock of left handed Rickenbacker guitars, though stock is always relatively limited due to the nature of the brand's building and shipping quantities. Please check our site before ordering or making a journey to make sure we have your desired guitar in stock.