Roland KC

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About Roland KC

Roland KC keyboard amplifiers provide an ideal way to amplify your performance. They are great for practice at home or playing to an audience in small venues.

Many professional grade keyboards and synthesizers don't feature onboard speakers. This makes a small practice amp an essential accessory to your keyboard at home.

Roland KC amps aren't just for your keyboard. They have have a microphone input so you can sing whilst play your stage piano, and they can even be used to amplify your acoustic guitar!


Why Should I Choose Roland KC?

  • Designed to cover the full frequency range produced by a keyboard
  • Built in mixing options
  • Can be used with microphones for vocals and acoustic instruments

Frequently Asked Questions about Roland KC

Question: Why should I use a keyboard amp instead of a regular guitar amp?
While guitars generally have roughly 4 octaves of notes, a piano has 7 octaves. These extra octaves make a piano/keyboard capable of producing notes that are much lower than your typical guitar amp is able to amplify. So to prevent causing damage to your guitar amp, we highly recommend using an amp that's made for keyboards or a PA system.