Squier Contemporary

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About Squier Contemporary

The Squier Contemporary series is a range of sleek, ultra-modern guitars and basses. They are suited to aggressive, high gain styles.

The Squier Contemporary range takes old vintage styles and reimagines them to create razor-sharp instruments with a stylish, edgy look. They are equipped with super hot humbuckers to provide a searing, high-output tone that will push any amp into serious overdrive. The series also includes several guitars with active pickups for a cutting distortion sound. The Contemporary Jazz Bass has ceramic pickups and an active preamp. These create a devilishly powerful tone, not for the faint of heart.

The Contemporary series is also notable for how playable these instruments are. This is thanks to a skinny neck with a flat radius and jumbo frets, meaning these guitars almost play themselves. A sculpted heel is a premium feature usually reserved for Fender’s elite American instruments but it's available here in Squier Contemporary guitars allowing easier access to higher frets. There is even a Floyd Rose equipped Strat for wild divebombs and perfect tuning.

Why Choose a Squier Contemporary Guitar?

  • Sleek, ultra-modern look
  • High output pickups
  • Perfect for metal

Frequently Asked Questions about Squier Contemporary

Question: What is Squier Contemporary?
The Squier Contemporary series is a revamp of classic Fender guitars to suit modern metal guitarists. They have aggressive, high output pickups and slim, fast necks. Perfect for shredding!
Question: Are there any left handed Squier Contemporary guitars?
Unfortunately, at this time there are no left handed Squier Contemporary guitars. This may change though so watch this space!