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About the Taylor 114

Much more than an entry level guitar, the Taylor 114 is a Grand Auditorium sized acoustic made with a Spruce top and layered Walnut for the body. Unlike the electro acoustic model 114ce, the Taylor 114 is a pure acoustic so there is no pickup and no cutaway in the body. This is great for players who want excellent tones and a symmetrical look. The 100 series from Taylor represents great value for money.

A selection of our Taylor 114 guitars come included with a guitar gig bag.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor 114 Guitars

Question: Where are the Taylor 114 guitars built?
The Taylor 114 guitars are built in Mexico. Taylor own a factory in Tecate where all of their 100 series guitars are made, along with the GS Mini range, the Baby range and the 200 series.
Question: What is the difference between a Taylor 114 and a 114ce?
The 'c' and 'e' sections of the 114ce's name refers to a cutaway and the fact that it is an 'electro' model, that is, it contains a pickup. The Taylor 114 is what is known as a 'true acoustic': it has no pickup installed. Also, if you compare the shoulder area of each guitar, the 114 reveals itself to have both shoulders intact, whilst the 114ce has a cutaway: one of the shoulders is taken away to allow the player to reach the high up registers of frets. The Taylor 114, therefore, is a true acoustic with no cutaway and a beautiful symmetrical look.
Question: What does 'layered Walnut' mean?
Layered Walnut refers to multiple thin veneers of Walnut wood being glued together to form a strong, bendable, cost-effective material to build with. Taylor use layered Walnut on their 100 series guitars, to which solid timbered tops are attached. Most of a guitar's tone comes from the top and the bracing so this is an intelligent compromise to keep down costs and also offer a strong guitar that has good temperature-resistant qualities.
Question: What does the 'NT neck' mean?
The NT neck is Taylor's innovative technique for producing an extremely efficient fit from neck to body. The neck pocket is laser cut for a perfectly stable fit that will last for the lifetime of the instrument.