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About the Taylor 114ce

The Taylor 114ce is an electro acoustic guitar with a Grand Auditorium body size. This is one of Taylors most popular instruments since it meets a lot of player's requirements at a very good price.

The Taylor 114ce is made with a solid Sitka Spruce top and layered Walnut body. The NT neck join is famously engineered to make a perfect fit that is stable and straight. The Taylor 114ce is fitted with Taylor's Expression System 2 pickup for incredible live sound. A quality gig bag is included too.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taylor 114ce Guitars

Question: Why is the Taylor 114ce so popular?
The 114ce is one of Taylor's most popular models for a few simple reasons. Firstly, it has Taylor's Grand Auditorium body shape, an extremely successful blend of the best elements of several shapes to make a design that works very well for both fingerpicked and strummed styles. This makes the 114ce a fantastic all-rounder. Secondly, it is a professional quality guitar made at an affordable price. Thirdly, it shares the same innovative Expression System 2 pickup that Taylor use on their top end instruments so the 114ce's plugged in tone outperforms any other guitar in the price range.
Question: What is the difference between a Taylor 114e and a 114ce?
The only difference is the addition of a venetian-shaped cutaway in the treble bout of the gutiar's body. This removed area allows for easier access to the guitar's upper frets. Aside from this, the guitars are the same.
Question: What is a venetian cutaway?
A venetian cutaway is the name for the shape of the guitar's treble-side bout. The 'shoulder' of the guitar has been shaped on the right hand side to allow you acces to the higher frets with your fretting hand. Sharper-shaped cutaways are referred to as Florentine whilst softer cutaways like this one are named Venetian.
Question: What is the Grand Auditorium body shape?
Taylor's Grand Auditorium body shape is an original design, introduced in 1994. It has since proven to be their most popular body shape. This design, by Bob Taylor himself, was made to offer the best elements of the Dreadnought and Grand Concert body shapes. Dreadnoughts are typically used for strummed rhythms whilst the Grand Concert is a successful fingerstyle design. Bob wanted a single design that was equally good at both without having to compromise either and so created the Grand Auditorium to be a combination of the two. Slightly smaller than a Dreadnought, the Grand Auditorium never the less proves to be a formidable all-rounder.
Question: Where is the Taylor 114ce made?
The Taylor 114ce, like all of the 100 series, is made in Taylor's own factory in Tecate, Mexico.