TC Electronic Looper Pedals

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About TC Electronic Looper Pedals

TC Electronic are the makers of many renowned effects pedals. They are well known for the quality of their rack delays and reverbs. TC now bring this technology to your pedal board.

TC Electronic have become one of the most successful pedal manufacturers in the world. The Danish company began as a maker of rack-mounted units, many of which are now considered classics.

TC Electronic looper pedals are hugely popular. Some of their most popular are the Ditto range of loopers. These are straightforward looping devices with lots of power available. The Ditto range is designed to be easy to use and there are now a number of different pedals to cater for the varied needs of musicians.

Looping is here to stay ad TC make their bid for supremacy with their effective and simple Ditto loopers. Try one out today at your local guitarguitar UK store or browse the full collection online.

Frequently Asked Questions about TC Electronic Looper Pedals

Question: How many different TC Electronics Ditto loopers are in the range?
There are 6 loopers in the TC Electronic Ditto range, if you include the Mic Loopers for vocals. Here is the complete list: Ditto Looper, Ditto X2, Ditto X4, Ditto Stereo, Ditto Jam X2 and Ditto Mic Looper.