Aguilar Bass Amps

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About Aguilar Bass Amps

Aguilar Bass Amps are hand built right in the heart of New York City, and offer modern bass players the one stop tonal solution to suit almost any style of music. Right out the box with the EQ flat, Aguilar bass guitar amps deliver stunning tones with big, open and articulate sounds featuring deep bottoms, uncluttered low-mids and clear, focused upper mids to ensure your sound is as musical as possible, while cutting through the mix when you want it to.

When players are after great gear it's no wonder they stop at Aguilar, with their motto of "constant improvement" all of their bass heads and bass cabs are designed to serve the player in the best ways possible. With Aguilar Amplification's dedication to superior engineering processes it's no wonder they've amassed an artist roster that includes massive names such as Thundercat, Gary Willis, John Pattituci, Adam Clayton, and more.

Coupled with their powerful tone shaping electronics and high quality craftsmanship, and you've got a bass amp you can depend on whether it's the concert stages, the practice room, the recording studios, or on the road.

Why Should I Choose an Aguilar Bass Amp?

  • Built for any gig or session, on the stage or in the recording studio
  • Stunning, powerful tones
  • Aguiler strives for constant improvement in all products
  • Built for any gig or session
  • Fantastic reliability and quality
  • All amps hand wired in New York City
  • All bass cabs hand assembled in Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions about Aguilar Bass Amps

Question: Are Aguilar bass amps any good?
Yes they are! Aguilar bass amps are all hand built and wired by Aguilar's team of highly skilled technicians, and designed to deliver gig worthy power and stunning tones on every model.
Question: Where are Aguilar bass amps made?
Aguilar's amp heads and all other electronics are built by hand at their company headquarters and factory in SoHo, Manhattan, New York, USA. Their cabinets, which require a little more floor and bench space, are built at their separate facility out in Ohio, USA.