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About Almansa Guitars

Almansa is a classical guitar brand from Alicante, Spain. The company use a mixture of old methods and modern technology. This allows them to build authentic classical and flamenco guitars at very attractive mid-range prices.

Almansa offer guitars with solid tops, all-solid construction and laminate construction. Guitarists looking for an authentic Spanish guitar will love these instruments.

At guitarguitar, we keep a very healthy stock of Almansa guitars throughout our UK stores. Please have a look at our entire range online or try one out in the acoustic department of your nearest store!

Frequently Asked Questions about Almansa Guitars

Question: What is the difference between a classical guitar and a flamenco guitar?
On the surface of things, there is not too much difference. But the closer in you get, the more details start to emerge. Flamenco guitars tend to have a lower action (often facilitated by a 'Spanish Heel' type of construction as these Almansa guitars have). This allows for speedier playing. They are often made with thinner tops for more percussive sounds when tapped. Sycamore or cypress is often used during production. It is perfectly alright to play flamenco techniques on a standard classical guitar.