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About Arturia Minibrute

The Arturia MiniBrute is the French manufacturer's first all analog synthesizer. These excellent little keyboards offer more than a nod to vintage synths and are capable of producing a wide range of sounds, from soft retro tones to brutalist growls. The MiniBrute offers so much and the fact that all changes are made simply by using the controls on the front panel makes this gnarly little synth really refreshing to work with.

The MiniBrute synthesizers feature a great sounding oscillator that allows you to blend between waveforms to create unique sounds. The Metalizer knob and Sub Osc fader allow you to rattle subwoofers and make simple sounds come to life. The Steiner-Parker Multimode Filter has become a standard feature of Arturia synthesizers and is one of the key elements that gives the MiniBrute its charm, offering a warm envelope that has four different filter curves. Silky smooth swoops are possible at respectable levels, but the Steiner-Parker sounds absolutely killer when overdriven. Watch your ears when the Brute is turned up, this little guy screams!

Arturia has also been able to keep things fresh by occasionally launching a few limited edition MiniBrute models over the years. We've seen silver, red and printed models so far, however, the latest edition is here to stay...

The MinBrute 2 takes all that's great about the original and expands it to the max, adding an extra oscillator, extra LFO, an oversized patch bay with an insane amount of patching options, a sequencer and link system ports to connect it to an Arturia RackBrute Eurorack case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Arturia Minibrute

Question: What is the Arturia Link system?
The Arturia Link System is a way of connecting the MiniBrute 2 or 2S to a RackBrute Eurorack case (or a RackBrute to another RackBrute) for easy transportation and positioning. It also looks very dandy!
Question: What is a Synthacon?
The Synthacon was a monophonic analog synthesizer made between 1975 and 1979 by Salt Lake City based manufacturer Steiner-Parker. Although only a few hundred of the Synthacon were made, its filter became very highly regarded because it was able to self-oscillate without losing volume when the resonance was increased (unlike on other popular synthesizers). The MiniBrute uses a filter designed under the guidance of Nyle Steiner that is intended to improve on the original.
Question: Can I programme step sequences on a MiniBrute?
The standard MiniBrute features only an arpeggiator. The MiniBrute 2 features a sequencer that allows you to record sequence steps manually while the MiniBrute 2S features a more visual representation of step sequencing and really excels in this process.