Arturia Minibrute

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About Arturia Minibrute

The Arturia MiniBrute series offers premium analog sounds with powerful sequencing and expanded patching options. Available in two flavours, the MiniBrute 2 will please keyboard players, with its 25 full-sized keys, while the MiniBrute 2S will appeal to producers and those attracted to Eurorack setups, with its desktop synth format and intuitive step sequencing. The Arturia MiniBrute synths feature a soft-modular design with a large built-in patch bay that makes them an excellent gateway into modular synthesis. Not only is it easy to patch complex sounds internally, you can also patch outside of the MiniBrute to Eurorack gear, as well as control other CV/Gate compatible hardware. The MiniBrute series synths have won many awards and are not only popular with professional musicians, but also a hit with newer musicians who are looking to learn the ins and outs of analog synthesis.

Why Should I Choose an Arturia MiniBrute?

  • Huge analog sound
  • Massive sonic potential through patchbay
  • Easy Eurorack integration

Frequently Asked Questions about Arturia Minibrute

Question: Can I use an Arturia MiniBrute as a MIDI controller?
Yes, both the MiniBrute 2 and 2S can control other hardware equipment via 5-Pin and USB MIDI and via CV/Gate.
Question: Is Arturia MiniBrute analog?
Yes. The MiniBrute features an all-analogue signal path.
Question: What's the difference between Arturia MiniBrute and Arturia MiniBrute 2?
The MiniBrute 2 features a reworked signal path that includes updated filters, waveshaper and VCA, plus the addition of a large patch bay really expands the possibilities of what is possible and brings integration with Eurorack hardware to the table.