Casio PX Series

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About Casio PX Series

The Casio PX Series or "Privia" Pianos are an excellent range of digital pianos designed for the advanced player. Ambitious pianists looking for a compact piano with a range of impressive features will feel right at home with a Privia piano. Features such as Smart Hybrid Hammer Action keyboard, 4 Speaker System with Surround Effects and a whole range of tones and sounds make this an incredibly versatile and innovative instrument. The weighted keyboard recreates authentic piano feel with it's simulated ebony and ivory textures and with a plethora of authentic grand piano tones you'll be able to play a wide range of classical pieces with ease.

Why Should I Choose a Casio PX Digital Piano?

  • Amazing Quality
  • Cutting Edge Technology
  • Over 300 Tones

Frequently Asked Questions about Casio PX Series

Question: What is the Casio PX series?
The Casio PX or Privia Series, are digital pianos that utilise cutting edge technology to provide authentic piano performance and feel, with the utility of digital technology.
Question: Is the Casio PX series any good?
Yes. The Casio PX Series is very good. Casio PX series pianos are packed with impressive features such as Smart Hybrid Hammer Action Keyboards, Spatial Sound Systems and much more.