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About D'Addario Guitar Picks / Plectrums

D'Addario Plectrums ensure you can get the very best out of your playing and your sound, how- and what- ever you play. D'Addario picks come in a wide array of styles and materials to suit any player. In particular, their classic Celluloid pick is made from a man made material designed to replicate the fat tone of natural tortoise shell picks, delivering the natural feel those original plectrums were known for. Other novel materials include their Casein, Duralin and Cortex plectrums, each offering a different response that really lets you dig down and dial in the right tone for you.

Why Should I Choose a D'Addario Guitar Pick / Plectrum?

  • Reliable, high quality picks
  • Wide array of materials to choose from, each with a unique tonal response
  • Equally wide array of shapes and styles to suit your playing style and instrument
  • There's a D'Addario plectrum out there for you, however you play

Frequently Asked Questions about D'Addario Guitar Picks / Plectrums

Question: Are D'Addario plectrums any good?
Yes they are! D'Addario plectrums come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials to ensure you can find the perfect pick to match your playing style and sound.
Question: Are there different types of D'Addario plectrums?
Yes! From classic Celluloid picks to D'Addario's more novel materials like Duralin, Cortex and Acrylux, there's a host of different materials to choose from, each with a different physical and tonal response.
Question: How thick is a D'Addario medium pick?
D'Addario classifies their 'medium' pick as .70mm in thickness.