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About Darkglass

Darkglass products have quickly become the standard for many modern bass players since the company was founded in 2009 by lead engineer Douglas Castro. With the release of pedals such as the B3K and B7K, which were handmade in Finland, Darkglass took the bass playing world by storm. Douglas Castro had struggled to achieve the tone he was looking for with traditional bass gear and so created his own circuits. Evidently other bass players had struggled too as they flocked these new Darkglass pedals which quickly became a mainstay on many pedal boards. Since then Darkglass has continued to expand into effects pedals, with compressor pedals, fuzz pedals, amp heads, amp cabinets and so much more, each product retaining that same industry leading quality. All designed and engineered in Finland.


Why Should I Choose Darkglass?

  • Designed for bass players by bass players
  • The first and only choice for many modern bass players
  • Excellent quality
  • Designed and engineered in Finland

Frequently Asked Questions about Darkglass

Question: Who are Darkglass?
Darkglass creates premium products for bass players, from pedals to amplifiers all designed and engineered in Finland.
Question: Where is Darkglass made?
Darkglass products are designed and engineered in Finland and many products are handmade in Finland.
Question: What does Darkglass make?
Darkglass make pedals, amplifiers and cabinets aimed at bass players.
Question: Who uses Darkglass?
Darkglass is used by a wealth of artists such as, Alex Webster, Tony Levin, Billy Gould, Dick Lovgren, Jon Stockman, Adam "Nolly" Getgood, Nate Mendel and more.
Question: Is Darkglass a good brand?
Yes. Darkglass is a superb brand and has quickly become synonymous with modern bass tone setting an industry standard for many players.