CDJ/CD Decks

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About CDJ/CD Decks

Compact Discs are still a popular format amongst DJs, and CDJs work in a similar fashion to your vinyl turntables. CD Decks work with regular CDs and will also play MP3 data discs. Some are even compatible with USB pen drives. Most CD player decks by manufacturers such as Numark and Pioneer feature a large disc-like control surface which grants the user complete control over the music for scratching in and creating mixes.

Frequently Asked Questions about CDJ/CD Decks

Question: Can I use a CDJ for playing music at home?
Provided you have an amplifier or speaker system to connect the CDJ to then yes, you will be able to use it for playing music at home.
Question: Can I use DJs in conjuction with vinyl decks?
Absolutely, many DJ mixers allow for multiple inputs. A good example of this is the Pioneering DJM-350-K, which will allow you to switch to and from your vinyl turntables and CD decks depending on which format you wish to use.