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About DJ Controllers

It has never been easier to get into the world of DJing: complete beginners and Pro DJs alike are embracing the world of computer based DJ setups. Whether it's using pro equipment such as Native Instruments Traktor controllers and pro software, Roland and Pioneer controllers with the Serato DJ software, or even more affordable Numark Controllers with Virtual DJ software, the basic principle is the same as it has been for decades. Pick a track, cue up the next whilst it is playing and as the song ends you blend over to the new song using the cross fader.

As you work your way up through the DJ controller range, various expressive features become available from audio effects to extra channels, or in the case of Native Instruments, their Stems feature which allows you to mix together different components from songs to create new remixes on the fly.

Frequently Asked Questions about DJ Controllers

Question: Which DJ controllers are compatible with my iPad?
There are a growing range of iOS compatible controllers, some of our favourites being the Native Instruments Traktor S2 and S4, and the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4.
Question: What else do I need to DJ at home?
Other than a compatible computer, it's worth making sure whether the controller you're looking at has a built in audio interface or not. Most do, however it can be missing on some of the entry level controllers. Whilst it is possible to play the music out of your computer's built in speakers, it can be beneficial to add a dedicated ASIO supported interface. This will give you high quality audio outputs and will minimise the chances of lag and latency when performing. Your next requirement is speakers. If you're going to be playing at home, it's worth looking at our great range of studio monitors. If you're looking to be a mobile DJ with your own sound system, then do take a look at our PA Sound Systems.
Question: Is all DJ software Mac or Windows Compatible?
Yes, all software supplied with our controllers is both Mac OS and Windows compatible, and in some cases, an iOS version of the software is available. Please see the individual product pages for the computer requirements to make sure your setup is compatible.