Numark DJ Controllers

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About Numark DJ Controllers

Numark DJ controllers were born from a huge amount of knowledge and experience in DJ tech. Numark have been making DJ equipment since 1971, making some notable industry first achievements along the way.

They made the world's first ever DJ software controller, along with many other innovative products. Numark's Mixtrack controllers are a great example of what an affordable DJ controller can be capable of.

Frequently Asked Questions about Numark DJ Controllers

Question: What cables do I need to use?
A USB cable is required to connect to your computer. This is included in the box. In terms of connecting to speakers, you will need a phono cable for most units. Please see the product specs for more information on this.
Question: Do I need a computer to use a Numark DJ controller?
Yes, they only work when connected to a computer. They do make CDJs such as the NDX500, if you are looking for a computer-free set up.