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About Duesenberg

Duesenberg guitars was started in 1986 in Hannover Germany by designer Dieter Gölsdorf. Since then the company has steadily grown to become a worldwide brand known for their combination of Art Deco styling and innovation. Duesenberg make enthusiastic use of modern technology to craft their guitars, utilising CNC milling to build high quality, precision instruments and making use of PLEK machines so that the guitars arrive in your hands with the best possible setup.

The Starplayer TV could be considered the most popular model by Duesenberg however, they have a wide range of models each with unique colours, pickup configurations, and sounds.

Why Choose a Duesenberg?

  • Striking Art Deco styling
  • Innovative hardware such as the smooth Z-Tuners and Duesenberg Deluxe Tremola
  • Precision built and set-up with PLEK machines for the best playing results

Frequently Asked Questions about Duesenberg

Question: What is a PLEK Machine?
A PLEK Machine allows a builder to inspect, measure, and set-up an instrument while it is under string tension. This allows them to get an accurate set-up under actual playing conditions. Duesenberg PLEK all their instruments, so when it arrives in your hands it's ready to go!
Question: Does Duesenberg only make Guitars?
In addition to guitars as well as the hardware featured on all guitars, Duesenberg also make their own Amplifiers and Pedals!
Question: Is all the hardware designed by Duesenberg?
In an effort to ensure quality and continued innovation Duesenberg guitars are outfitted with their own hardware designs. This includes the smooth Z-Tuners, the Duesenberg Deluxe Tremola, and the wide variety of unique sounding pickups.