Dunlop Polish

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About Dunlop Guitar Polish / Polishing Cloths

Dunlop Guitar Polish is the choice of guitarists the world over. It can help your guitar to look at its best as well as adding a stain resistant protective layer to keep it looking good for longer. The Jim Dunlop formula is the secret behind their guitar polish with the Dunlop Formula 65 being one of the most popular choices around. The Dunlop selection of polish and cleaner provides guitarists with what they need to help with restoring finish, removing grime and dirt, and having your prized guitar look at its best. Whether you are a home player or an arena headliner, Dunlop guitar polish is here to help.

Why Should I Choose Dunlop Guitar Polish / Polishing Cloth?

  • Helps to protect the finish of your guitar
  • Keeps your instrument looking clean and fresh
  • High-quality guitar polish and polishing cloths from a highly reputable brand

Frequently Asked Questions about Dunlop Polish

Question: Is Dunlop guitar polish any good?
Yes, Dunlop guitar polish is a top choice thanks to the highly effective formula which protects and improves the look of your instrument.
Question: What is Dunlop guitar polish good for?
Dunlop guitar polish is good for adding a micro-thin, resistant protective layer to your guitar as well as bringing back the shine that can be dulled by fingerprints and dust.
Question: Can I use Dunlop guitar polish on a fretboard?
Dunlop have a fingerboard cleaner which has been formulated specifically for use on fingerboards.
Question: How do you use Dunlop instrument polish?
Dunlop instrument polish is easy to spray by pressing the nozzle on top of the bottle. This can then be applied using a Dunlop polish cloth.
Question: What is in Dunlop 65?
Dunlop does not list the ingredients of their 65 formula.