Elixir Bass Guitar Strings

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About Elixir Bass Guitar Strings

Elixir Bass Guitar Strings are highly regarded as some of the best bass strings available and are loved for their rich rounded tone with greater clarity and heavier mid-range presence that can be found across Elixir strings' entire line.

Elixir bass strings are available across multiple string gauges that have been optimized string tension profiles, are compatible with long scale basses and are also available with a nickel plated steel Nanoweb design that can last even longer than the standard Nanoweb series.

Why Should I Choose Elixir Bass Guitar Strings?

  • Optimized string tension profiles
  • Nanoweb coating provides a long lifespan
  • Premium tone

Frequently Asked Questions about Elixir Bass Guitar Strings

Question: Are Elixir bass guitar strings good?
Yes, Elixir bass strings have a very strong reputation as some of the best strings available.
Question: Which artists use Elixir bass guitar strings?
Some notable Elixir bass artists include John Paul Jones, Tiffany Lloyd and Hussain Jiffry.
Question: What gauge are Elixir bass guitar strings?
Elixir bass strings are available across most popular gauges and string configurations including 45-105 and the five string 45-130.
Question: How long do Elixir bass guitar strings last?
Elixir bass strings feature a round wound design with a protective nickel NANOWEB coating that promises a much longer lifespan than your average bass string.