ESP 7 String Guitars

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About ESP 7 String Guitars

ESP 7 string guitars are an extremely popular choice for Metal players. ESP are one of the premier brands for heavy styles. They make a wide range of guitar styles with 7 strings. Popular models include the 'EC' Eclipse style and the 'SC' signature models of the Deftones' Stephen Carpenter.

ESP 7 strings are aggressively styled for heavy music styles. High output pickups predominate. These guitars are used by some of the most iconic bands in modern history including Metallica and Slipknot.

We love these instruments and stock as many as possible throughout our stores. We are a major UK distributor for this great brand and have access to limited edition special models.

Frequently Asked Questions about ESP 7 String Guitars

Question: Do ESP 7 string guitars have a longer scale length than 6 string equivalents?
ESP tend to use 25'5" scale lengths for their 7 string guitars. This is a very normal measurement for both 6 and 7 string guitars but it is worth noting that guitars such as the Eclipse models, which normally have a 24.75" scale length, have a 25.5" scale when made as 7 string instruments.
Question: What is the difference between an ESP 7 string model and an LTD 7 string model?
The main difference is country of manufacture. ESP guitars are made in Japan whereas LTD models are made in Indonesia and Korea. There is more to it than just that, though. ESP guitars have a higher level of workmanship and the hardware used is often of a higher quality.