Fender Custom Shop Jazzmaster

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About Fender Custom Shop Jazzmaster

Fender Custom Shop Jazzmasters have proven to be a real hit with guitarists. Perhaps it is because their shape and style works so well with the Custom Shop relicing process. Whatever the reason, Custom Shop Jazzmasters are some of the best electric guitars we've laid hands on, with fantastic necks, expressive pickups and wonderful finishes abound.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Custom Shop Jazzmaster

They do! Fender Custom Shop have a few varieties but tend to opt for Custom Shop Hand Wound Single Coil Jazzmaster pickups. These are accurate vintage replicas of sixties-era Jazzmaster pickups.
Yes they are, though 'based' is correct since details are free to change depending on spec. There is a 1962 base model, a 50s model and certain special editions employ a 1963 spec.