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About Fender Custom Shop Nocaster

Fender Custom Shop's Nocaster models are a loving nod to the brief point in Telecaster history when Fender were not allowed to call the guitar the 'Broadcaster' but had yet to dream up the name 'Telecaster'. The guitar is often seen in its traditional 1951 outfit of Butterscotch Blonde finish with a single play black pickguard, known as the 'Blackguard' look.

Fender Custom Shop vary their output often, and Nocasters can show up as Heavy Relics, Journeyman Relics and occasionally NOS and Closet Classic models.


Why Should I Choose a Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Guitar?

  • Custom Shop Build Quality
  • Callback to a Classic Guitar
  • Great Relic Finishes
  • Unbeatable Sound

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Custom Shop Nocaster

Question: Is a Nocaster different to a Telecaster?
Historically speaking, the Nocaster was simply a Telecaster with the 'Telecaster' part of the headstock decal snipped off in response to Gretsch's complaints about the name since they had a drum kit called the Broadkaster. In Fender Custom Shop terms though, Nocasters are no different to Custom Shop Teles apart from the fact that they are almost without exception finished in Butterscotch blonde and lack the 'Telecaster' part of the headstock decal. Custom Shop Specs are often anachronistic - 9.5"" radii on 1950s era guitars, for instance - so historical provenance is more of an appealing reference point than a slavish rule. Fender Custom Shop also offer a left-handed Nocaster which is awesome news for Lefties but is something that did not exist in the early fifties!
Question: How many Nocasters were made in the fifties?
In truth, nobody knows for sure. However, since they were only made for a few short months in 1951, there are thought to have been less than 500 Nocasters made in total.