Fender American Ultra Precision Bass

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About Fender American Ultra Precision Bass

The Fender American Ultra Precision bass is a cutting edge USA-made Fender bass. It replaces the American Elite model and brings with it a host of upgrades and improvements.

Firstly, the neck has been completely redesigned. A new 'Modern D' profile has been developed for excellent comfort. A compound radius fingerboard feels great in all hand positions. The fingerboard has rolled edges to further enhance the feel.

A set of newly developed Ultra Noiseless Vintage pickups give you an excellent of world class Fender bass tones, all without hum! These are arranged in a PJ format.

The Fender American Ultra Precision Bass is available in a number of brand new finishes, including new burst finishes. It is a great choice for bassists looking for authentic Fender tone and looks, with the very best in hardware and playing feel.

What Makes the Fender American Ultra Precision Bass Different?

  • Unmatched versatility.
  • Extremely comfortable neck.
  • Powerful sound suitable for all genres.
  • Made in USA.
  • Perfect mix of vintage and modern specs.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Fender American Ultra Precision Bass

    Question: What is a PJ pickup combination?
    PJ refers to the configuration of one Precision bass split coil pickup (P) and one Jazz bass single coil pickup (J) being used together on one instrument. This configuration broadens your tonal options and gives you the benefit of both styles - P-Bass and Jazz - in one instrument."
    Question: Does a compound radius fingerboard make a difference on the bass?
    We think it does, yes! The radius determines how you interact with the bass and hence how the bass feels. Having a rounder radius near the bottom is great for a retro feel, whereas a flatter radius near the top gives you a fantastic place to indulge in more freeform, adventurous playing.
    Question: Does the Fender American Ultra Precision bass have active or passive electronics?
    Indeed it does: the Fender American Ultra Precision Bass has an active preamp onboard, powered by a 9v PP3 battery. Controls to boost and cut the treble, middle and bass frequencies are located on the front of the instrument.