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Fender Screamadelica

Screamadelica Stratocaster

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the influential and award winning Primal Scream album. The Screamadelica Stratocaster is a must-have for fans of the band, collectors and those looking to recapture some of that 90s magic.

Andrew Innes discusses the Screamadelica

Fender 30th Anniversary Screamadelica Stratocaster Limited Edition

A Fitting Tribute

The FSR Screamadelica!

Featuring all of the essential components that make a Strat great, this model also benefits from the legendary Screamadelica artwork. It can stand out on stage or take pride of place in your collection.

  • Paul Cannell Screamadelica artwork
  • Limited Edition model
  • Comfortable Modern C neck
  • Vintage 60s Style pickups
Close Up
Album Artwork

Paul Cannell Artwork

Paul's distinctive style of artwork can be found on several album covers. Perhaps his most recognisable is the piece that Primal Scream chose as the artwork for Screamadelica. This design with its bold colours has been lovingly recreated for the finish on these guitars.

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Andrew Innes with the Screamadelica

See It In Concert

Primal Scream guitarist Andrew Innes will be using this guitar live at some of the band's upcoming concerts. If it is good enough for the man himself then you know it plays well!

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The Stratocaster

The Stratocaster Legacy

Andrew has made great use of a Fender Stratocaster over the years to help define his sound. Known for its timeless design and high degree of versatility, it's no wonder that he still has one in his arsenal of guitars today.

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A Collaborative Effort

Joint Venture Between Primal Scream and Fender

The concept of this guitar has come to fruition thanks to a collaboration between Primal Scream and Fender. Both parties involved have worked together to produce this extremely special instrument.

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Limited Edition Fuzz Face and Plectrum Tin

Commemorative Fuzz and Plectrums

Complete the collection with the limited edition Fuzz Face and Plectrum Tin from Dunlop! Adorned with the same incredible artwork by Paul Cannell and is available in limited numbers.

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