Fender Standard Stratocaster

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About the Fender Standard Stratocaster

The Fender Standard Stratocaster is one of Fender's most popular guitars. It is made in Ensenada, Mexic. The Standard Strat is built with all of the classic features that has made the Stratocaster the world's favourite electric guitar. This includes three single coil pickups (with other choices available), tremolo and bolt-on neck. And don't forget the classic silhouette beloved by all guitarists!

The Standard Stratocaster offers amazing value for money and comes in a range of attractive finishes. Choices include Brown Sunburst, Candy Apple Red, Lake Placid Blue and the best-selling Arctic White. Other options for the Standard Strat include a model with a bridge position humbucker pickup and another with the humbucker in addition to a Floyd Rose locking tremolo. Versions with double humbuckers are also available with different finish options.

It's hard to go wrong with this guitar. It's a reliable and great feeling Strat with Fender written on the headstock, all at a very attractive price. Every one of our guitarguitar UK stores carries a full collection of Fender Standard Strats.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fender Standard Stratocaster

Fender have replaced their Standard Series with the Player Series. This is a range of great new Fender guitar models that offers the same great value and performance as the Standard Series but with new features and finishes.
Fat Strat is simply a slang term for a Stratocaster that has a humbucking pickup in the bridge position. This is otherwise known as an HSS Strat, for Humbucker - single coil - single coil, the configuration of the pickups. This is very popular and you'll find HSS Strats in almost every Fender Series.