Left Handed G&L Guitars

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About Left Handed G&L Guitars

G&L left handed guitars are available at guitarguitar. We keep stock of models such as the G&L Tribute Legacy and ASAT classic in left handed varieties. These guitars are affordable and based on the defining designs of none other than Leo Fender.

Frequently Asked Questions about Left Handed G&L Guitars

G&L stands for George and Leo, meaning company founders George Fullerton and Leo Fender.
The 'Legacy' is G&L's take on the S-type guitar. Leo Fender designed this is his final word on the classic S-type. It is available in all of G&L's different ranges from Tribute to Fullerton Standard and Deluxe.
Tribute is G&L's range of Far Eastern imported guitars. They are made under licence to G&L's trademarked designs. Tribute guitars are excellent value instruments for musicians on a budget.