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About Greer Amps

Greer Amps has been the brainchild and life's work of designer and tinkerer Nick Greer. Unsatisfied with the sounds he was getting from other gear on the market, Nick started Greer Amps building the very best distortion and fuzz pedals he could for friends and acquaintances, but word got out and demand exploded! Greer Amplification as we now know it truly started in 1998, and they've expanded to produce some of the best sounding pedals and amps out there.

Every Greer Amps product is hand wired in Athens, GA, USA by the experts at Greer, and their superb quality amps and pedals have found homes on the boards and backlines of a whole host of artists, including Devin Townsend, Ariel Posen of Bros. Landreth, Travis Howard of Brooks & Dunn's band, and basically the entire roster of both Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit and Modest Mouse!

Why Should I Choose Greer Amps?

  • All Greer Amps products are all Hand Wired in Athens, Georgia in the USA
  • Built to satisfy the demands of serious tone hounds
  • Built using the finest quality materials and components
  • Greer Amps produce some of the best sounding pedals and amps on the market
  • Used by an impressive roster of artists

Frequently Asked Questions about Greer Amps

Question: Are Greer Amps a good brand of pedals?
Absolutely! Greer Amps are all hand wired in Athens, GA, built tough from the finest components and materials, and designed form the ground up to give you some seriously excellent tones.
Question: What Type Of Pedals Do Greer Amps Offer?
Greer Amps offer a host of pedal types, including Compressors, Tremolos and Delays, but their real specialty is their wide range of Distortions, Overdrives and Fuzz pedals.
Question: Where are Greer Amps Products made?
Greer Amps pedals and amps are all proudly hand wired in Athens, Georgia in the USA.