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About GrooveTech

GrooveTech Tools should be an essential part of any player's tech kit. When performing any guitar maintenance GrooveTech provides a wonderful array of tools to get the job done. GrooveTechhave been making tools for 25 years to provide players with high quality tools that are absolutely dependable. With tool kits designed for both electric guitar and acoustic guitar these tools come highly recommended from many guitar tech. Simply designed and good quality tools give you everything you need to adjust the truss rod, check your action with the thickness gauges, or simply change strings quickly with the string winder. GrooveTech guitar accessories should be in every guitar gig bag or toolbox to ensure you always have the right tool for the job whether it's a simple adjustment or a full setup.


Why Should I Choose GrooveTech?

  • A wide variety of useful tools
  • Complete tool kits for all maintenance jobs
  • High quality design
  • Essential tools for guitar setups

Frequently Asked Questions about GrooveTech

Question: Who are GrooveTech?
GrooveTech have been building tools and tool kits for musicians for 25 years.
Question: What does GrooveTech produce?
GrooveTech produce a range of tools and tool kits designed to help with any maintenance job including truss rod adjustments and setups.
Question: Are GrooveTech products any good?
Yes. GrooveTech have been producing tools for 25 years giving musicians high quality tools to maintain their instruments.