Ibanez 2019

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About Ibanez 2019

Ibanez 2019 refers to Ibanez's new guitars and basses for 2019. These models were unveiled at the Winter NAMM 2019 show in Anaheim.

The Ibanez 2019 lineup contains lots of exciting new models. This includes signature models from artists like Steve Vai and Jake Bowen, fresh RG designs with exotic tops and extended ranges, a re-vamp of the artcore hollow bodies and a host of new bass models including BTB models and the new Affirma range.

Ibanez fans will have plenty to enjoy and anticipate during 2019 as these new models hit our guitarguitar stores.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ibanez 2019

Question: The White JEMP7VP is listed as a new Ibanez guitar for 2019. Has Steve Vai not been playing that for 30 years?
This model is a little different! It's from Ibanez's Premium line and is made in their Premium facility in Indonesia. Importantly for Vai fans, this model sees a return to the use of Ebony for the fingerboard. Also, this model does not have the scalloped final four frets.