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About Jackson Audio Pedals

Jackson Audio Pedals are state of the art original circuits in sleek, contemporary enclosures, founded by Brad Jackson and Juan Kyle of Jackson Ampworks and Nigel Hendroff from Hillsong Church. Together the trio set out with their 40 years worth of experience in product design to develop effects pedals that could elevate players tone and musical expression. Jackson Audio Pedals are particularly known for their feature packed overdrive and preamp pedals which have MIDI functionality. Many professional touring musicians use MIDI switchers with their reverb & delay and modulation pedals but have never been able to do this with analog overdrive pedals. Jackson Audio Pedals are the perfect solution for this.

This passion for developing products that serve the musician has certainly paid off as Jackson Audio pedals have become a hit with pro players who tour with them world wide. Pedals such as the "Hourglass" Compressor which offers dual analog compression circuits, or the "Fuzz" modular fuzz pedal have put Jackson Audio right at the top of the list in terms of sound quality and functionality.

This extra level of functionality really makes you feel like you get your money's worth, like the broken Arrow overdrive which features a unique gain cycle which allows it to move through gain stages all at the stomp of a couple buttons. Catching the eye of players such as Cory Wong, Jackson Audio have gone on to work with Cory to develop "The Optimist" overdrive with 2 drive switches, a 3 band EQ and more, making it an incredibly versatile pedal on top of its fantastic tone.

Why Should I Choose a Jackson Audio Pedal?

  • Made in America
  • Boutique quality and tones
  • Rugged tour ready designs

Frequently Asked Questions about Jackson Audio Pedals

Question: Are Jackson Audio pedals any good?
Yes, they provide high quality tones that are relied upon by world touring artists.
Question: Where are Jackson Audio pedals made?
Jackson Audio pedals are made in America.
Question: Which guitarists use a Jackson Audio pedal?
Cory Wong, Mark Lettieri, Mateus Asato, are just a few of the artists using Jackson audio around the world.
Question: What pedals do Jackson Audio produce?
A variety of effects from Chorus pedals like the New wave, to overdrive pedals like the Golden boy, and compressor pedals like the hour glass.