Jackson Hard Cases

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About Jackson Guitar Hard Cases

Jackson guitar hard cases are the perfect protection for your Jackson guitar. Designed to provide a great fit while keeping your guitar as safe as possible while you travel. Utilising heavy duty aluminum channeling, TSA locking latches, and very high quality ABS material these cases are made to take all the abuse while keeping your guitar in top condition. If you're looking for a way to transport your Jackson you need a Jackson guitar case.

Why Should I Choose a Jackson Guitar Hard Case?

  • Perfect fit for your Jackson guitar
  • Keeps your guitar as safe as possible

Frequently Asked Questions about Jackson Hard Cases

Question: Are Jackson guitar hard cases high quality?
Jackson guitar hard cases are indeed high quality featuring heavy-duty aluminium channelling, TSA locking latches and super-quality ABS material.
Question: Where are Jackson guitar cases made?
Jackson guitar cases are made in China.