Martin D35

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About Martin D35

The Martin D35 has been a very popular model in Martin guitars lineup since it's introduction in 1965. The Martin D-35 was originally introduced to make use of Rosewood sets that would be too small for a whole guitar on their own, and so the D-35 has a 3 piece Rosewood back. The combination of this with the spruce top has become synonymous with the Martin "Sound".

Vintage Martin D35 guitars are now very much sought after, though Martin continue to make standard versions of the guitar that recapture the magic of those original guitars.

We have a wide selection of Martin guitars which includes the iconic D35 design which you can browse online or try in person at one of your stores.

Our Martin D35 guitars come included with a hard guitar case.


Why Should I Choose a Martin D35 Guitar?

  • Superb quality materials
  • Can be bought with world class LR Baggs electronics
  • Modern D35 guitars feature the best of the original design with modern updates
  • Great looks with it's 3 piece Rosewood back

Frequently Asked Questions about Martin D35

Question: Where is the Martin D35 built?
The Martin D35 is made in Nazareth, Pennsylvania.
Question: Is a Martin D-35 guitar any good?
Martin D-35 are excellent guitars, built with largely the same specs as the famous original design but with some modern updates to improve reliability and tone.
Question: What's the difference between Martin D-35 and D-28?
Martin D-35 guitars have a 3 piece Rosewood back while the D-28 has a 2 piece Rosewood back.
Question: When was the Martin D-35 guitar made?
1965 was the year when the D-35 was originally introduced.