Martin Modern Deluxe

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About Martin Modern Deluxe

For as long as Martin have been around they've been building some of the best acoustic guitars around and this includes the Martin Modern Deluxe. With the Modern Deluxe series they take this to the next level. Every little detail has been given attention from aesthetic changes to modern hardware choices that make these guitars some of the best you can find. Starting at the top, Martin Modern Deluxe guitars feature Gold Open Gear Waverly Tuners, and to match this there are Gold EVO Frets. These frets are harder than nickel, so last longer, but softer than stainless steel, so they're not hard to maintain.

The body of the Martin Modern Deluxe features Martin's VTS (Vintage Tone System) tops, with Adirondack Spruce bracing. The neck features a comfortable more modern feeling asymmetric neck profile that is designed after a 1931 Martin, with an authentic thickness fingerboard. The bridge has also received a lot of attention, with "Liquidmetal" bridge pins being used. These special pins increase the volume of the guitar by 3-5 dB without altering the balance of the guitar. A Carbon Fibre/Adirondack spruce bridge plate has also been used to make a more durable, stronger instrument with increased brightness.

In Martin's words "Sophistication meets performance" and they've done it. Feel free to join us in store to try out a Martin Modern Deluxe and see what this all translates to in person, or browse our collection online.

Our Martin Modern Deluxe guitars come included with a hard case.


Why Should I Choose a Martin Modern Deluxe Guitar?

  • Martin VTS Tops
  • GOLD Evo Hypoallergenic Frets
  • Incredible attention to detail from design to build
  • A loud voice thanks to the Liquidmetal bridge pins

Frequently Asked Questions about Martin Modern Deluxe

Question: What is the Martin Modern Deluxe series?
The Martin Modern Deluxe series consists of classic Martin shapes that have been updated with modern features to offer the best in terms of looks, quality, playabilty, and features.
Question: Are Martin Modern Deluxe guitars any good?
A Martin Modern Deluxe guitar is one of the highest quality acoustic guitars you can find, built with incredible quality and features.