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About Martin Sinker

Martin’s Sinker mahogany guitars are a very exclusive and limited range of instruments made with wood that bears a very interesting provenance.

The idea behind building this range of guitars was to provide musicians with a new guitar that felt and sounded just like Martin’s most revered guitars from the 1920s and 30s. These are thought of as ‘Golden Age’ instruments but are priced far beyond the reach of almost anyone. The Martin Sinker Mahogany range aims to recreate the magic of these halcyon era guitars for todays’ professional musician.

The Mahogany used in making these Sinker guitars has come from logs ecologically recovered from a riverbed in Belize! The trees were originally logged over a century ago and sunk to the bottom of the river whilst floating en route to their destination. After lying in the water for multiple decades, they were recovered (with help from sonar and scuba divers) and dried out thoroughly before being bought by Martin.

The trees were already well over 100 years old when they were logged (between 1880 and 1920, according to Martin) so the wood is actually equivalent to timbers used directly for Golden Age guitars! Martin Sinker Mahogany instruments are fastidiously hand built in the Martin Custom Shop and all bear the hand-applied signature of Martin CEO Chris Martin IV. These guitars are pieces of living history.

Our Martin Sinker guitars come included with a guitar case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Martin Sinker

Question: How limited is this Limited Edition?
Extremely limited! The number of century-old logs that have been left fortuitously in riverbeds for decades is sadly few and far between. These may well be the only ones of their kind that we ever see: only time will tell.
Question: Do these really sound like hundred year old Martin guitars?
Yes, everyone who has experience of Martin acoustics from the 1930s seems to be in agreement that these instruments sound absolutely incredible and have the same characteristically balanced tone as the ‘oldies’.
Question: Are these guitars heat-treated?
Not , they are not thermally treated, torrefied or anything else. They are naturally dried out for absolute authenticity.