Mooer Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals

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About Mooer Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals

Mooer Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals are versatile multi-effects units that provide players with a wealth of sounds, tones and effects. Mooer are known for their compact and easy to use multi-effects pedals such as the GE100. The GE100 comes with a built in expression pedal, a huge host of unique and rich tones, giving you the ability to create your own unique sound.

Why Should I Choose a Mooer Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal?

  • Compact
  • Versatile
  • Very Easy To Use
  • Huge Range of Sounds and Effects

Frequently Asked Questions about Mooer Guitar Multi-Effects Pedals

Question: Are Mooer multi-effects pedals any good?
Yes. Mooer multi-effects pedals are very good. They are compact, versatile effects pedals that allow for great experimentation and a range of excellent tones.
Question: Where are Mooer multi-effects pedals made?
Mooer multi-effects pedals are made in Shenzen, China.
Question: What multi-effects pedals do Mooer produce?
Mooer produce pedals like the GE100, GE150 and the Prime series of Intelligent Pedals.