MXR Dyna Comp

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About MXR Dyna Comp

The MXR Dyna Comp is a famous compressor pedal. Compression is a popular effect for guitarists and bassists who like cleaner tones. Country guitarists in particular have praised the benefits of the Dyna Comp; indeed, this well-regarded Red Compressor (due to the hue of the pedal's tough metal chassis) is something of a mainstay in Nashville studios.

Like most MXR pedals, the Dyna Comp is straightforward with only two control knobs. Careful dialing of these provides a clean and confident compression to your sound. Arpeggios and picked clean parts will gain a new level of 'production' and evenness.

Guitarists using single coil-equipped instruments could really benefit from a little light compression in their sound.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MXR Dyna Comp

Question: Why do lots of Country guitarists like the Dyna Comp?
Country guys like it because it adds some 'fatness' to your tone. Most Country players use Telecasters which have a sharp attack but often lack that fatness. Other Country guitarists comment on the subtle 'pop' that a Dyna Comp gives them and also how it 'frames' the notes you play.
Question: How many varieties of Dyna Comp are there?
There are currently four: M102 Dyna Comp (normal), M228 Dyna Comp Deluxe (extra controls), M291 Dyna Comp Mini (smaller, extra 'attack' control) and CSP102SL Script Dyna Comp (vintage reissue).
Question: What is the difference between the regular and 'script' Dyna Comp pedals?
The script Dyna Comp is a direct reissue from an old 1976 unit. It has a rare CA3080 circuit which results in quieter operation, more dynamics and a more transparent sound.