MXR EQ Pedals

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About MXR EQ Pedals

MXR EQ pedals are a tough, sturdy choice for gigging musicians. MXR are market leaders in producing robust pedals. Their EQ pedals are available in a range of sizes. Each pedal uses a group of sliders to boost or cut certain frequencies. Each slider has an LED to make things easy on dark stages.

MXR EQ pedals can be used with guitars, basses and other instruments. A variety of applications make them very useful additions to any musician's pedal board.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MXR EQ Pedals

Question: Can I use my MXR EQ pedal as a boost?
Yes, that is just one of the many useful things you can do with an EQ pedal. One popular method is to boost every frequency ever so slightly (push every slider up an equal amount) to get a strong boost for solos.
Question: Can I use an EQ pedal to get a cleaner sound?
Yes! Set up a good overdrive tone on your amp, then go to your EQ pedal. Bring each slider down a little, perhaps trimming more from the mids and low end. Use the pedal 'on' for your clean sound and turn it off for your distorted tone. The amount of gain used will affect how effective this is but if you think of it as another 'channel' for your amp, it's pretty great!