MXR Fuzz Pedals

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About MXR Fuzz Pedals

MXR Fuzz Pedals are a powerful and versatile addition to your pedalboard that can take you from a famous fuzz face breakup to full on gated fuzz with a simple twist of the fuzz control. From the pedal board friendly shape of the Classic 108 Fuzz Mini to the expanded control of the signature Slash JD-SF01 Octave Fuzz, every MXR fuzz features true bypass for your authentic clean tone. Whether you're new to the world of fuzz or a dedicated connoisseur of fuzz, MXR are sure to satisfy your needs.

Why Should I Choose an MXR Fuzz Pedal?

  • Excellent fuzz tones
  • Versatile selection of fuzz
  • Made in the USA

Frequently Asked Questions about MXR Fuzz Pedals

Question: Which artists use a MXR fuzz pedal?
Some notable MXR fuzz users includes Guthrie Govan, Yvette Young and Brad Paisley.
Question: Are MXR fuzz pedals any good?
Yes, like all MXR effects pedals, they're excellent!
Question: What power does a MXR fuzz pedal need?
MXR pedals take a standard 9V centre negative power supply.