MXR Phaser Pedals

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About MXR Phaser Pedals

MXR Phaser Pedals deliver the classic phaser tone that gives your guitar a distinctly lush voice. An essential addition to any musician's tone palette. With variations of both the modern and script logo version available, there is so much phasing effect choice for your guitar tone. Made with a reliable build quality and with features like buffered bypass switching, expression pedal compatibility and multiple phase stages available, adding the sonic qualities of countless legendary riffs and solos to your signal chain is an obvious choice.

MXR phaser pedals are loved for their shimmering sound that will propel your guitar tone to cut through the mix in a striking way, the MXR Phase 90 delivers an undeniable excitement that brings any tone to life. With a variety of phasers available that all offer a reliable build quality, simple yet effective controls and true bypass to leave your tone untouched when the pedal isn't engaged, why not join the very best guitarists in adding an MXR phaser pedal to your pedalboard.

Why Should I Choose an MXR Phaser Pedal?

  • Made in the USA
  • Classic MXR phase tones
  • Iconic tone
  • Reliable build quality
  • All analog signal chain
  • True bypass

Frequently Asked Questions about MXR Phaser Pedals

Question: Which artists use a MXR phaser pedal?
Some notable MXR phaser users include Billie Joe Armstrong, Jimmy Page, Paul McCartney and the late Eddie Van Halen.
Question: Are MXR phaser pedals any good?
Yes, the MXR Phase pedals are considered some of the best effects pedals of all time.
Question: Did EVH use an MXR phaser pedal?
Yes, Eddie Van Halen famously used the MXR at several key moments in songs.
Question: What power does a MXR phaser pedal need?
MXR pedals take a standard 9V centre negative power supply.