Events: Recording and Production for the modern Guitarist with Pete Thorn

Published on 17 August 2018

A true aficionado of the guitar, whose sound is intrinsically linked with some of our very favourite musicians, Pete Thorn is up there with our favourite artists and is an absolute font of knowledge when it comes to his craft. Joining us last December for an online interview alongside his good friend John Suhr, we had a blast chatting with Pete and were amazed by how much he had to share in terms of his playing, equipment and, of course, a whole host of stories about his time in the industry. A guitarist who's shared stages with some of the biggest names on the planet and spent the rest of his life in studios, Pete truly lives and breathes his instrument and we're very pleased to share that he's joining us again, this time in person, for what promises to be a fantastic clinic and learning opportunity!

Rather than simply stopping by the store and showing off his playing, Pete has put together a clinic jam-packed with recording and production advice to help you to improve the quality of your own music. Based on his years of experience working in professional studios, Pete will be breaking down some of his own recording techniques and demonstrating how you can incorporate them into your projects. The evening will involve Pete specifically discussing the gear he uses, DAWs and template tracks, tracking/programming drums and bass parts and how he tracks all of his guitar parts, from the initial idea through all rhythm and lead sections.

With home recording becoming a more accessible and valuable asset to the modern guitarist than ever, this is a truly unbelievable opportunity to spend time with a player who's not only exceptionally talented but also extremely clued up when it comes to his tech!

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guitarguitar Epsom 13/09/18 7:30 PM

Check out our interview with Pete and John Suhr below.

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