Riff of the Week: Behind the Nut with Jared James Nichols

Published on 18 March 2020

It's Riff of the Week time again folks, and this week we have an extra special guest... It's Old Glory slinging, blues blasting, riff master Jared James Nichols!

We were super excited to have Jared drop by our store while on tour to chat all things BLUES POWER, show us some epic riffs and pass on some of his tone tips! In this episode of Riff of the Week, Jared shows us this utterly outstanding and downright filthy riff, packed with all the good things in life - distortion, harmonics, and bending behind the nut! Jared had us in awe with his playing, so hold on tight, Rockers! This one is gonna blow you way. 

Have a listen and let us know what you think! Will you be trying this one out? 

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