Beginners: Yamaha F310 pack

Published on 12 May 2020


Learning guitar is never a straightforward, simple affair.

It takes dedication, perseverance and many hours of practice before the mysteries begin to unveil themselves.

An overlooked factor is getting the correct guitar to begin on!

Yes indeed, if the very first guitar a person plays is not comfortable, easy to play and good sounding, the incentive to stick with the instrument shrinks and disappears. The first few months are crucial in instilling a fledgling player with the impetuous to keep coming back to the guitar and picking it up in the first place. Let’s get this one right, folks!


The Yamaha F310

We recommend opting for the Yamaha F310. We’ve stocked this classic model for years and it is, by some margin, the most popular first instrument for guitarists. Lots of people like it so much, they stick with Yamaha when the time finally comes to upgrade, such are the happy times they have spent with their F310!

So why is this one a good choice?

Well, this guitar answers the key needs we mentioned before. It’s comfortable. The dreadnought body is the most popular style in the world, and Yamaha have been making them for decades, so they have this down to a fine art. A dreadnought sits in the middle of the spectrum, size-wise, between smaller parlour guitars (great for fingerpicking styles) and larger jumbo models, which excel at strummed chord styles. Dreadnoughts are designed to give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to enjoy a good, loud, percussive tone when you strum, matched up with a lovely finger-picked sound. Whichever styles you take to, you’ll be covered.

The F310 is easy to play. Yamaha have built this guitar with beginners in mind, so the neck is nice and slim, with a comfy rounded profile. Holding down strings is going to hurt for a while on any guitar, but this model is pretty forgiving on fingers that are trying to get used to holding down notes and chords.

It sounds great! Strum a big open E or G chord and you’ll hear a lovely warm, ringing tone with a sparkly top and lots of bottom end to back it up. The Yamaha F310 has lots of volume, for sure, but you’ll be able to decide how loud your sound is just by how hard you play with your right hand. You can be very gentle with this or very bold: it’s up to you!

Dreadnought guitars are excellent for singers, so if you plan on writing and singing your own songs, this Yamaha F310 will be a great first choice for you.

It’s a Yamaha!

If you;ve ever used a Yamaha motorbike or played a Yamaha piano, you’ll know that thew brand is a sign of sure quality. Their guitars win awards frequently, and there’s no mystery behind that at all: Yamaha do not put out anything bad. Professional guitarists, drummers and keys players choose Yamaha to record and tour with every day, and we think you should too! Join the ranks of happy Yamaha users across the globe with your very own F310 acoustic guitar!


The Best Starter Pack

We’ve put together a pack that includes a gig bag, a great clip-on tuner and a pack of Dunlop plectrums to get you going straight away!

The gig bag is a branded Yamaha bag, made specifically for their dreadnought style acoustic guitars. This bag is durable, reliable and will protect oyur guitar as you travel to lessons or sessions in the car, bus or train. That's what it's all about!

The tuner is a small, convenient model that clips instantly on to the headstock of the guitar. It senses the pitch of whichever string you play through vibrations in the instrument’s wood. It’s fast, accurate and really handy!

We've also included a selection of plectrums form the world's top brand, Jim Dunlop. You can try out deferent styles and thicknesses to find out which you prefer. These are the best picks you can get!


What are You Waiting For?

Have you long-considered picking up a guitar to learn? Have you loved guitar music but never taken that next step? We invite you to take that beautiful, brave step into a new world of fun, expression and satisfaction by choosing to become a guitarist. The guitar is a friend for life, and after a few short months of getting used to it, you’ll open up a whole universe. Go for it! We’ll be here for you. This Yamaha F310 is a great place to start.

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Thanks for reading.


Ray McClelland

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