The Best Music from Jackass!

Published on 26 January 2022

The early 2000’s were a funny time. We were all communicating with Nokia 3310’s, playing guitar through the infamous Line 6 Pod (the red bean) and we all got a new show about a group of friends performing stunts and getting up to all sorts by the name of Jackass.

Taking inspiration from old school skate videos and injecting some strong hard rock and metal mentality into it, it’s no surprise that Jackass was always soundtracked by some absolutely huge tunes.

With the release of Jackass Forever on the horizon we got together to discuss the best songs from the show’s long history, because what’s better than listening to Slayer while using a rented car in a destruction derby…

P.S. Don’t try this at home

Minutemen - Corona

Up there with one of the most recognisable intros of all time, Corona by Minutemen has been as much a part of the Jackass family as Steve-O. With only a few suspenseful notes greeting us before going full ho-down mode, this song encapsulates everything that made Jackass so fun. High energy, a little rough around the edges and a little hint of cheekiness.

CKY - 96 Quite Bitter Beings 

I’m going to put it out there…this is the best riff on this list! Controversial, maybe, but come on, how can you not get excited when this song kicks in?!
Although CKY were associated with Bam Margera in the proto Jackass home movie series, also called “CKY”, there’s no denying how perfect some of the songs fit in with the chaos of the original Jackass series.

Roger Alan Wade - If Your Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough (From Jackass the Movie)

Has there ever been a song so fitting? Like “Corona”, this track is for a lot of people, the one they immediately think of when people mention Jackass. With just a solo guitar strumming a few chords and Roger Alan Wade’s voice it allows the lyrics to really shine,

“When you get knocked down, you gotta get back up
That's the way it is in life and love
If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough” and whether it’s some crazy stunt, or something a little more relatable to us who don’t throw caution to the wind on a daily basis.

Weezer - Memories (From Jackass 3D)/Andrew W.K. - We Want Fun (From Jackass the Movie)

What happens when you invite the gang from Jackass to your music video shoot? Well, exactly what you’d expect. Skateboarding, fireworks and some big vibes. With both tracks being used as the main themes for 2 of their movies, Memories leans on a more nostalgic tone which I’m sure will hit all us 90’s kids in the feels. Whereas We Want Fun mixes the 100% party attitude of Andrew W.K., with the 100% party attitude of Jackass which I’m sure we can all agree is a total winner.

Any we missed? What's your favourite music from Jackass? 


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