What Are the Benefits of Playing Guitar?

Published on 04 May 2022

What was your reason for getting into guitar?

For a lot of us, more than likely it was a certain player, song or riff that led us down the exciting road of guitar playing! 

Obviously, the cool points are instantly gained as soon as you pick up your first guitar, but did you know there are a myriad of physical and mental health benefits that come from playing our favourite stringed instrument?

In this blog, we are going to take a look at some of these, and for anyone who doesn’t play guitar already, this might encourage you to join all us other players who reap the health benefits as well as gaining the skills of playing an instrument.


Physical Health Benefits

Let’s start with some of the more obvious reasons, after all, it takes energy and movement to play the guitar!

  • Strengthens your hands and wrists

Think back to when you started playing…sore fingers, sore wrists, aching joints (the main riff in Message In a Bottle I’m looking at you!). For those of us who fought through it all, we now have the strength and dexterity in our hands and wrists that can only be gained from playing a stringed instrument.

  • Improves hand eye coordination

An incredibly important skill to develop when learning guitar, and one that transfers into so many aspects of life! Although it can take time and practice, guitar is a fantastic medium to see your progression in real time. Ask any guitarist, there will be a few chords or techniques that were a real roadblock when we started, but after some practise it has become second nature.

  • Reduces Blood Pressure

Wild right?! This one is totally true though. A study done by scientists in the Netherlands “suggest[s] that active music making has training effects resembling those of physical exercise training.” We know we’d rather spend an hour shredding on a guitar rather than training at the gym!

Mental Health Benefits

This list of benefits are maybe not so obvious, as they aren’t on the surface, but arguably are the most important when playing guitar. 

  • Reduces stress

“One good thing about music is that when it hits you, you feel no pain.” –Bob Marley

Perfectly put. Music can help us all in some tough times, so what better way to enhance that than playing it yourself. We certainly can relate, sometimes you find yourself zoning out and playing guitar for hours only to be left in a fantastic mood after.

  • Brain training

Seems like a no brainer…sorry. In all seriousness though, learning the guitar or any instrument benefits your brain and learning skills incredibly! A study showed that executive functions (EF), which are the “high-level cognitive functions processes that enable people to quickly process and retain information, regulate their behaviours…solve problems, plan” etc. are enchanced for anyone who plays an instrument.

  • Boosts confidence 

Learning an instrument is a journey. Very very few people can be described as “naturals”, which means we all have to start at the beginning, and lucky for us, guitar is a fantastic medium to see and hear progress immediately. No doubt we have all experienced trying to learn something on guitar and finding it a real challenge, only to find after some consistent practice, the challenge is considerably easier and almost becomes second nature. Just think of how far we have come since we started! Talk about a dopamine hit.

  • Self discipline 

Even if you just play guitar as a hobby, there is no denying that it took some great self discipline to learn and practice even if you didn’t think that played a part. Anytime you pick up a guitar you are actively sharpening your craft and that was all YOUR decision. For anyone who has actively stepped up their playing too, this takes an incredible amount of dedication and patience. GO YOU!

  • Making bonds and connections with other people

If there’s one thing guitarists love doing, more than playing, it’s talking about all aspects of guitar. I’m sure anyone who has visited a guitarguitar store can confirm this, as we all can chat for hours about guitars, pedals, amps and everything in between. There is something so fun about sharing your passion with people who also share a similar passion, and whether that be forming a band, or even just connecting with other guitar players online, you’ll not only make some new friends but also be able to take on and share knowledge from a ton of different players.

There are countless other health and mental benefits to playing a guitar, but these were just a few that we felt were important and have all experienced at one point or another. What other benefits do you find with guitar playing?


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