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Published on 19 August 2022

How much impact does the type of wood on an acoustic guitar make to its sound?

If that is a question you have asked yourself, this event is for you!

Taylor guitars are one of the most forward thinking and innovative acoustic guitar builders in the world right now, and their options of wood on their guitars is one of the reasons they are held in such high esteem.

Koa is a wood that Taylor has used for many years at this point. The Hawaiian tonewood has a very dynamic EQ range for guitars, while it is warm and lush, it also has spectacular clarity & will develop over the years as the guitar ages… also, let’s be real, it looks absolutely stunning with its unique grain pattern and colour.

The Details

On Saturday the 27th of August (27/08/22) in guitarguitar Camden, we will be hosting an event focusing on all things Koa within the Taylor range, from their GS-Mini Koa all the way to their stunning Builders Edition pieces.

This will be the biggest selection of Koa Taylors all under one roof, and with a Taylor expert on hand this will be the best opportunity to get your hands on these stunning guitars while also getting invaluable information right from the source.

This event is FREE. No need to book a space, just drop in anytime between 10am-5:30pm to take part.

In classic guitarguitar fashion, we have some prizes and giveaways! We are giving away one Taylor BTe-Koa Baby to a lucky customer as well as some freebies on a first come first served basis. All you have to do to qualify for the guitar is:

  • Visit the event
  • Try a Koa Taylor
  • Leave your details 

Simple! See you there

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