Cole Clark drop-in days with CEO Miles Jackson

Published on 05 October 2022

Acoustic players behold!

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Cole Clark have turned the world of acoustic guitars on its head. Established in 2001, this Aussie company firmly settled itself into the competitive market in less than 2 decades. With eye-catching finishes on all-solid construction made using sustainable native Australian tonewoods, there really is nothing quite like them. Using classical design techniques such as Spanish heel and integral neck construction combined with innovative design and the most natural sounding 3-way pickup system, Cole Clark quickly found their way onto the hands of world-renowned singer-songwriters. Jack Johnson, Belle & Sebastian, Ben Harper are only a few stars of the impressive Cole Clark artist roster!

So, if you're like us and love a good acoustic, you're in for a treat!

The Details:

Miles Jackson, the CEO of Cole Clark guitars, will be visiting guitarguitar Newcastle on the 20th October and guitarguitar Edinburgh on the 21st October to host drop in sessions during store hours. There will be tonewood chats, brand history, showcasing of their latest models and the sound of sweetly balanced phosphor bronze strings will fill the room!

Whether you're a massive fan of the brand, haven't tried a Cole Clark yet or simply want to know more about why these guitars are different than anything else you've played, drop by the stores and get involved!

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