Sophie Burrell Clinic at guitarguitar Glasgow

Published on 22 May 2023

Who runs the world? Girls… with guitars. 

From endorsing big brands, featuring in guitar magazines, through producing high quality educational social media content to touring the world’s stages, female guitarists are a force to be reckoned with and we are excited to witness this happening.

Sophie Burrell is one of them and we are thrilled to tell you that she will be hosting an exclusive guitar clinic at our Glasgow branch just for YOU!

One of the finest guitar players to emerge from the social media scene, Sophie Burrell has built an insane global guitar community around her exceptional guitar playing skills. In recent years, Sophie has amassed over 62 million views on her YouTube channel, launched an educational guitar course and gained endorsements from industry giants such as D’Addario, PRS, EVH and BOSS FX

Her impeccable attention to detail and accuracy in tackling complex arrangements in her cover play-throughs are what sets her apart from a sea of online influencers. 

Sophie’s dream of having a band of her own has naturally come to fruition and let us tell you, BXRRELL has only released their debut single “Dare To” and are already making a big noise! 

guitarguitar have been cheering for Sophie since day one and we are looking forward to hosting her again. Sophie will run a guitar clinic during which she will talk through her daily practice routine, songwriting process and tips on nailing the tone of a cover song. She will also play through some of her own songs, share her journey into endorsement with D’Addario and PRS and happily engage in answering questions from the audience.

The Details 

Sophie Burrell will be joining us on the 6th June 2023 at 7:00 pm at guitarguitar Glasgow for an exclusive guitar clinic in association with our good friends at D’Addario. We can’t wait! 

On top of that, the D'Addario experts will be with us ALL day during the store opening hours to hook y'all up with free restrings, so give the store a ring to get yourself booked in and give your guitar the TLC it deserves (find out more here).

Our previous clinic with Sophie sold out rapidly so get your free space booked now to avoid disappointment!



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