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About Second Hand Fender

Second Hand Fender guitars are always a tempting proposition as we sell a wide and ever-changing range of them at our stores throughout the UK. From Squier models to Fender Mexico, right through to American Fenders and Custom Shop pieces, we sell a large quantity of used Fender guitars. Browse all of our collected stock via the 'Pre-Owned' button at the top of our website.

Frequently Asked Questions about Second Hand Fender

Question: Which guitarguitar stores sell pre-owned Fender guitars?
All of our stores sell Pre-owned guitars but what we have in stock changes constantly! The best thing to do is click the 'Pre-owned' tab at the top right hand side of the website and have a good browse. Clicking through to an item will tell you its location.
Question: Can I buy pre-owned Fender guitars via finance?
Yes, there is no distinction between new and pre-owned guitars in terms of finance.