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About Presonus Studio Live

The Presonus StudioLive line is a professional level line of mixers that feature an intuitive interface and offer multitrack recording to your favourite DAW. The award winning StudioLive Series III range are the flagship Presonus mixers, at home both in the large venues and professional recording studios. Featuring both scene and channel saving and recalling for an ergonomic experience, the touch sensitive motorized faders will simply return to where you saved them. StudioLive Series III mixers also integrate seamlessly with the Studio One studio software, allowing full control over mixes and effects.

The StudioLive AR range operate in a similar way to conventional mixers, but offer multitrack recording to your Favourite DAW vis USB, as well as the ability to capture a stereo mix from the master fader direct to SD card. The AR mixers are ideal for smaller venues, as well as rehearsal rooms and recording studios.

Frequently Asked Questions about Presonus Studio Live

Question: Can I multitrack record to my favourite DAW with a StudioLive Series III mixer?
Yes, Series III mixers are compatible with most DAWs and offer multitrack recording and playback.
Question: Can I use a StudioLive Series III mixer to control my DAW?
Currently the Series III mixers only offer DAW control with the PreSonus Studio One software.