Presonus Audiobox USB Audio Interface

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Overall Rating 4.2 (6 reviews)

Exactly as described. I knew what I wanted so quick transaction.

Daniel J. - 11/6/2017

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Nathan M. - 18/4/2017

Bought to use with Mic, as current interface did not support phantom power. Worked straight from the box once supplied drivers loaded onto th the Mac. Excellent interface for the price.

W.G. - 22/7/2015

Does all I want it to do but is only a USB 1 device

J.M. - 23/1/2015

At last! Audibox interface plus the studio one software, is a computer based recording package I can use as a musician and not be expected to be a computer geek as well. Simple to use and understand. OK, there may be more sophisticated programmes out there - but if you need to start somewhere and actually use it to make music - rather than faff around with all sorts of anorak stuff - this is the one for you.

J.H. - 22/1/2015

great gadget

M.P. - 14/10/2014

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