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About Presonus Audio Interfaces

Presonus Audio interfaces include Firewire, Thunderbolt and USB audio interfaces. Some models, such as the Audiobox iOne and iTwo are even compatible with iPads and iPhones. Presonus audio interfaces range from having one input channel up to 8 inputs and most of the larger interfaces can be expanded with a Digimax preamp expander. With all Presonus interfaces, including the Studio One Artist DAW software, you know you are going have everything you need to start making and recording music. There are even Audio box iOne and iTwo recording bundles that include a microphone and headphones.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Presonus Audio Interfaces

Question: What else do I need to start recording?
Other than your instruments, it is worth investing in a good microphone with a cable and stand, a set of headphones and a pair of studio monitors.
Question: Do all Presonus interfaces feature phantom power?
They do indeed, even the smallest interfaces are capable of powering your favourite condenser microphones.
Question: What is Studio One Artist?
Studio One Artist is a light version of the Presonus Studio One software. It is a fully functioning recording studio software package, but it has been stripped of more professional features such as the Scratchpad, Chord Track and Harmonic Editing.
Question: Do all Presonus audio interfaces include the cables to connect to my computer?
All interfaces with the exception of the Quantum Thunderbolt audio interfaces include connection cables.